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The MAS History


Approached by IBM for a joint venture to create a DB appliance for AIX


Master Automation Solution was born. Compliance, database automation, cloud rationalization and remote worker access. This began our pivot from a DB appliance to an application.


Move from mobile app to an enterprise offering across multiple Databases on Linux.


Release MAS v 4


Release v 4.5 move to fully containerized SaaS offering


Release MAS Lite, MAS 5.0, MAS+


New Customization capability and Machine Learning

Where We’re Going

From one man in a home office to a full-fledged corporation with multiple divisions, MAS continues to grow exponentially year over year. We relentlessly create and adopt new technologies to stay at the forefront of IT modernization. We aspire to become the premier database automation solution provider in the world.

A Collaborative Culture

The MAS team collaborates to produce exceptional outcomes. We empower every team member to play a unique role in our success, without fear of failure limiting their vision or holding back advancement. We believe this collaborative environment drives real, meaningful interpersonal connections that, in turn, allow us to drive excellence.

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