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Gain Agility Across Multiple Platforms

MAS offers a wide range of compatibility, including Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, MariaDB, and PostgreSQL, as well as the following cloud platforms: Oracle OCI, Azure, and Amazon AWS.


  • Perform Oracle compliance audits that are verified by Oracle for accuracy.
  • Explore your databases and see how they’re functioning (disk space, database performance, and CPU percentage).
  • Grant or limit permissions.
  • Better manage and retain your intellectual property with the query wallet function. 
  • Back up and organize multiple databases simultaneously.

What We Offer

Solution Overview

Solve multiple database performance issues with MAS.

Resource Empowerment

Remove the need for outside DBA resources. Our low-touch solution empowers your team members to do their best work, closing knowledge gaps and boosting productivity.

Tool Consolidation

Consolidate your data management tools to solve all your issues from a single pane of glass.

Automation Enhanced

Enable complex database management jobs and processes with pre-loaded solution packs that run with the click of a button.

Security & Vulnerabilities

Detect and mitigate database security vulnerabilities like an expert DBA. MAS puts DBA security expertise within reach of your “blue team.”

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